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I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.....

A few of my creations:
This was made for St. Patrick's Day.  The inside of it (below) is a rainbow cake.
This was made for my dear friend Mia when she graduated in the Spring.  Orange and blue are our school colors.  She requested chocolate, as much chocolate as possible.  So, here it is:
Easter Cupcakes:
And this one was made for a friend's Bunco Birthday Party.  (Bunco's a dice game, for those of you who are missing out!)
And, in honor of October, which is fast approaching... here's my pumpkin cake.
 So, there you have it.  My passion on the rise.  


A New Friend

Well, I'm a little late blogging today.  Want to know why?  It was a very eventful day.  Indeed, a very eventful day.

You see, I was sitting in class on campus when all of the sudden, the power went out.  Hmm... okay.  Class dismissed.  After exiting the building in the thunderstorm, we learned the entire campus and nearby hospitals were out of power as well!  Wow!  This is as exciting as I like it to get when I'm at school.  Classes were cancelled for the rest of the day, so I was of course extremely happy about this.

I decided to leave campus and head over to my parents house, even though they weren't home.  I was going to go over there and hang out at their house and wait for them to get there, and I'd get to spend some time with Belle and Mitzi (my pup and theirs), while also hopefully meeting their new next-door neighbor (more on that later).

When I went to get on the interstate, a police officer directed me in another direction, not allowing me to get on the interstate.  I was born and raised in these parts of Florida, so back roads were my best friend.  No problemo.  As I pulled up to the stoplight (where the cop was) it turned red.  What did I do?  I stopped of course.  What I didn't expect was this: the cop to yell at me!  He bent down so he could see in my car and yelled "GO!" so I looked at the light, looked back at him, and he flagged me to move on, with an angry look on his face.  I slowly went through the red light, only to see all of the cars behind me completely stopped, and cars coming at me from other angles because of other officers directing them!  Thankfully, there weren't any close calls and I made it out just fine, knowing that the officer had a little hiccup in his planning.  As I got down the hill, all of the cars were coming to a slow down.  Traffic, traffic.  I slowly made my way over the hill and I saw a dog run in between cars.  Oh my gosh!

Here's what's interesting to me: lately I have had the feeling that I was going to find an animal on the side of the road, and it was my job to rescue it.  I brushed the feeling off because as much of an animal lover as I am, I was always cautious helping strays/ lost animals because of their tempers and/ or diseases.  But this guy was different.  I immediately pulled over into an abandoned parking lot.  Cars were backed up on my side of the street, so I figured if something were to happen to me, there would be plenty of people to call the ambulance for me.  (Am I too paranoid?)  I was trying to decide if I should help this poor dog or not, who somehow had managed to not get hit by a car, yet.  As I was sitting there trying to decide, he came up to my car and sat outside of my window.  He sat there and stared at me.  Break. my. heart.  I just knew this boy was a sweetheart when those eyes made contact with mine.

I got out of my car, still in the pouring rain and I bent down for the boy to come to me.  He came over, with his tail down but slightly wagging as if he were afraid but wanting someone to trust.  I went and cleared out my trunk (I drive an SUV) and I patted the back of it for him to jump in.  He looked at me as though he was always taught to not take rides with strangers, and then ever so hesitantly put his front feet on the back of my SUV.  "C'mon boy, hop up..."  I kept trying to coax him.  There he stood, on his hind legs, just looking at me.  I looked him over and noticed a good size hole in his ear like he had been either attacked by a larger animal or shot with a BB gun.  Again, break. my. heart.

He stood there for another few seconds and I kept offering him a seat in my car.  He looked up at me as if to say, "I want to, but I can't."  (Yes, I speak doggy.  Don't you?)  So, I gently slid my hand down his back and under his stomach to give him a boost into my car.  He didn't seem tense, and he didn't make any signs of fear or threat toward me, so I helped him in.  He quickly laid down and closed his eyes.  Yet again, my heart.  What a sweet sweet boy.

I got in my car and started driving down the road.  I called my vet who has always taken care of my own babies and asked if they can help me with him.  They said that I would have to be financially responsible for him, but I told them there was just no way that I could do that right now.  I'm a student and we're living off of one income right now.  I informed my vet that this guy was melting my heart and if I could please bring him to them to make sure he's okay, I'd do my best to find either his owner, or a new one for him.  They agreed that they would take him for me.

The whole way in the car, I would look in my rearview mirror and see this:
From Something That We Do
Excuse the mess in my backseat, everything that was in my trunk had to come forward.

When we arrived to the vet's office, my new pal hopped out of my car and walked with me as I called him.  I opened the door to the vet's office for him and he halted.  Froze in his tracks.  Not gonna budge.  No, sir, not him.  Gonna stay right where he was.  I quickly grabbed his collar and hollered for some assistance in the vet's office.  A guy popped his head around the corner and asked if I was okay.  I told him that I was indeed okay, but this dog, who did not belong to me, would not walk in with me.  He chuckled.  The man was very quick to help and told me it was very nice to stop to save a life.  As me and my new friend walked in, we were met with a bunch of people asking us questions.  "Where did you find him?  Is he injured?  Will you pay for him?  What do you want us to do with him?  Will you come pick him up?......"  I answered all of their questions and then asked if I could call and check on him to see if they were able to find an owner.

Of course, they told me I was more than welcome to call and check on him, and come and visit him.  I think I might go do that, tomorrow.  I asked who I should speak with when I called, since we don't know this guy's name.  They told me to name him.  Uh oh.... I'm getting more and more attached!

"Well, I've been calling him Buddy the whole way here since I don't know what his name is, so I guess you can write that down."  I thought to myself, if we kept him, we'd have a Buddy and a Belle.  How cute!  I stayed there talking to Buddy while the assistants filled out paperwork.  I knelt down on one knee next to Buddy, and he softly laid his head on my knees and shut his eyes.  Bless this boy's heart!  He has been through a lot, and he made me feel so loved.

I told the vet that if they couldn't find a home, I would temporarily take him and find him a home.  I've considered keeping him but there's one thing that is holding me back.  I think he has part pit bull in him.  I've always been so cautious around pit bulls because of their reputation to completely turn in a heartbeat.  Especially around children and other small animals.  Which we have both of in our home.  There's no way I'm putting my family in danger, but this guy just melted my heart.  Part of me hopes we find his owner, but the other part of me feels that they no longer deserve him because of his injuries and the way roaming around looking scared.  It makes me worried that he isn't well taken care of.

Look at him, isn't he sweet looking?  Keep in mind though, he is extremely muddy and the hole in his ear is sort of showing here.  But, here's Buddy.  
From Something That We Do

I'll start hunting around on Craigslist and the newspaper for a lost dog.  I'll keep you updated!



When Georgia was visiting with us, she asked her Aunt Patty for a drink.  So, my mom went to the fridge, opened it up and started looking for a toddler-friendly drink.  Peach tea sounded good, no?

My mom, with her back to the fridge, said, "Oh, we have peach tea!  Would you like some peach tea, Georgia?"

At this point, my mom was bending down in the fridge when behind her, Georgia said, "PLEEEEEEEASE!"  She didn't only use her voice to explain how badly she wanted some tea... little missy had some body language happenin' too!

My dad and I cracked up and fell over laughing.  Being the good sport she is, Georgia obliged when we asked her to "Do that again!"

Here's the recording, and mom got to enjoy it this time too.

And the answer is.....

As we were driving down our street, what did we see?

Two big, nice pieces of furniture.  Shelves with drawers and cabinets.  And on the front of it?  Paper, that read, "FREE."  Ohmygosh!  Hubby and I were SO excited.  Actually, I think I was more excited than him.

You see, I LOVE furniture.  I love wooden furniture.  Especially with cabinets.  Even more if it has drawers.  And is in good condition.  Or not.  If it's not, I'll refinish it.  I'm working on a few projects now, actually.  I'll get to those later though.  So there are these two huge shelving structures sitting in our neighbor's front yard.  Carl and I parked the car, unloaded the dolly, and rolled across the street to pick up these treasures.  My mind was racing at all of the possible places in our home that these beauties could go!

Truth be told, if I had seen this furniture in a store, it would not be my first pick.  In fact, it's really not my taste at all.  But..... as much as I love furniture, I love practical, organized storage items even more.  And have I mentioned I love furniture???

Carl and I ran up to our neighbors door (the ones giving away the furniture) and knocked.  An older man answered the door and I must've sounded like a child on Christmas!  I don't think I took a breath in between my words as I quickly said, "Hi my name is Lindsey and this is my husband Carl and we just wanted to say thank you for the furniture, we're taking it with us and it will have a good home!"  Noticing we appeared on foot, our confused neighbor asked if we had a truck to help us out.  I didn't realize I forgot to say we are his neighbor and we lived so close we were going to push the furniture home, so hubby explained that part for me.  Sometimes I get so excited that I forget to look at things from another person's perspective.  

So, Carl and I decided that one of these treasures would go in our bedroom and replace our rickety, old bookshelf that is highly likely to come crashing down any day.  The only thing is, this new one is about 3 times its size!  It's going to look a little bulky, but it'll be organized.  The other cabinet will be put in our living room.  I love having an organized, put-together home, so when I had the chance to swap out this DVD shelf:
From Blogger Pictures

I went for it!  Notice how it's all crammed together, and the stuff on top looks cluttery?  It's also next to impossible to dust because everything is balancing itself out and with removal of one item, it could all come crashing down.  I realize this new one looks huge in our living room, but it actually tidies it up A LOT!  You'll have to take my word for this because the picture just doesn't do it justice.
From Blogger Pictures

Inside the bottom three drawers are all of the DVDs and Wii/ Playstation games of our household.  The top shelves are still pretty empty, but give me a few days to print up some pictures, and they will be looking good in no time!  As for the middle section, if you pull on the knob, it folds out to a desk.  We won't be using it as a desk but instead we will use it to store things that belong in the living room that may not look the nicest.  For example, right now we have my snuggie in there (Yes, I'm a snuggie owner.) because that darned thing is next to impossible to neatly fold and hang on a quilt rack.  Also, we have our keyboard that controls our TV (we don't have cable but instead use our television as a giant monitor for a Mac mini that we watch hulu shows on.  Have I mentioned we're a bit thrifty?).  So, everything is neatly tucked away.  What do you think about it?

Have you ever found furniture on the side of the road that has made your day?


Thankful Thursday

Three things that I am especially thankful for this week:

1.  The weather is trying its hardest to turn into Fall-esque!  It's about time.  I'm a little tired of the heat index being in the low 100s on a daily basis!

2.  The building on campus that has booths where I sometimes *may* or *may not* take naps.

3.  Lunch dates with my friends when they are on campus at the same time as me.  (Hi Mia!)  It's so much fun having a half hour or so to reconnect with my friends!

Our Mantle

Hubby and I recently inherited some furniture from his grandma who passed away in June.  We inherited two big bookshelves, a mirror, some paintings, and a beautiful antique desk.  (I think it's beautiful... hubby has a greater appreciation for less furniture and more space, darn minimalist!)

We brought all of these items into our home on Saturday.  With our trailer full of stuff, we're driving down our very own street and what do we see?

You'll just have to wait to find out!

Till then, here's a picture of our family room mantle with it's new-to-us, from Carl's grandma, painting.

From Blogger Pictures

I love watching our house develop more into our tastes and decor as time goes on.  What do you think?


Part Two- How To

Part two of my weekend consisted of teaching a near two year old how to brush a puppy!  It's really quite simple, you see.  Little girls are born with a brush in hand, knowing exactly what to do with them.  Georgia popped up from her nap, saw a comb sitting near by and then called for Belle.  Of course, the "woof woof" came running at the sound of Georgia's voice, and then patiently waited for the comb to be run through her hair.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I just genuinely appreciate how gentle Georgia is with Belle, and how Belle is with Georgia.  It's truly a blessing that the pup loves the babe so much.

Step one: sit straight up and smile while you wait for the puppy to come bouncing on the bed to you.

From Blogger Pictures

Step two: figure out exactly how you want to hold the comb.

From Blogger Pictures

Step three: gently run the comb through the puppy's hair.

From Blogger Pictures

Step four: glance up at your great aunt and make sure you're doing it right.

From Blogger Pictures

And last, but not least...
Step five: lay down and snuggle with the puppy once her hair is combed out!

From Blogger Pictures


A Visitor!

Hey friends!  Sorry I've been away for so long!  I've had so much going on with school lately, I've had to FORCE myself to stay away from blogs!  I'm queuing up a few posts, then going to look over what I missed in your lives!

Boy was this past weekend an exciting one!  I'm going to tell you friends all about it in the next few posts!  First and foremost, baby G came to visit!  If you don't recall from earlier, I'll refresh your memory on how I am related to this sweet little girl: she's my cousin's daughter.  So, Georgia came to visit Aunt Pa-eee (Patty) and Uncle Weee (Harry) so of course I spent as much time at their house as I could!

The Gator game was on TV, and Georgia cracked us up!  She walked in, pointed to the TV, and said, "Oh, football!"  We were all surprised that she recognized the sport on TV.  I guess she's got that football-loving gene like her daddy and Poppa do!

Here's the little cutie herself, wearing my Gator shoes!  She really liked them because they were so sparkly!

From Blogger Pictures



Little Miss Georgia (my cousin's daughter) is in town visiting us again, and she is just getting cuter and cuter!  She is so much fun at this age.  She will be a big two year old in December!  Man, how time flies.  Every time I see her I am more amazed at how much she talks, and how well behaved she is.  She greets Belle so softly and gently, I never worry about her yanking Belle's ears or tail.  She even leans in to kiss Belle on the nose and Belle politely cooperates, normally even offering a kiss in return.

From Something That We Do

Yesterday, when I was with Georgia, I was sharing some french fries with her.  She then got the idea to sneak one to Belle, and boy was Belle happy with that!  Georgia laughed so hard!  I told her we don't give french fries to the puppy dog, and Georgia said, "Okay punkin!"  (My mom always calls her punkin!)

She also does this HILARIOUS thing where she says something in the form of a question, like "Shoes off?"  And it will always, without fail, make you respond with a question.   "Do you want to take your shoes off?"  (Like it's your idea, not hers.)  Then, she gets a big smile, and says "Okay!"  Like she's agreeing with YOU!  I had a little talk with her yesterday and told her that if she can keep up that mindset till she's in the corporate world, her boss will love her because he will think HE has all the ideas, when they are actually her ideas.

I spoke to my dad this morning, who was helping watch Georgia. It was supposedly Georgia's naptime, so I asked how things were going.  "Well, your mom was laying down with Georgia to put her to sleep, and I just checked in on them.  Your mom was sound asleep while Georgia was laying there wide awake."  So, my dad brought Georgia out of the bedroom and let my mom snooze.  On the phone, I heard Georgia say, "Hold penny?"  My dad said, "Do you want me to hold the penny?"  And what did Georgia say??  "Okay!" with a big smile.  What else would she have said?  Haha!

My mom has also been teaching Georgia who loves her.  My mom started with her brother, who is Georgia's Poppa.  She taught Georgia to say "Poppa loves Georgia!"  After this sentence was mastered, my mom moved on to everyone else in the family.  She said, "Nana loves Georgia!" "Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Harry," and everyone else.  Then, my mom said, "Aunt Lindsey loves Georgia" and Georgia said, "Yeah.  Uncle Carl loves Georgia!"  Isn't that amazing?  She associated me and my husband, even though he wasn't mentioned!  I thought that was just too cool.  Little brains amaze me more often than not.

I'm gonna leave you with a video of Georgia when she came to visit me about two months ago.  Make sure to listen to the last few seconds to hear Georgia say, "Poppa loves Georgia!"  I'll try to get some video of her on this trip as well.  Maybe I can get the Gator chomp (Go Gators!) on video.  We'll see!
I hope you have a terrific weekend!


Thankful Thursday

This week, as usual, there are several things I am thankful for.  Here are three that I think are worth mentioning:

1.  I haven't been sick in a really long time.  I went through a phase for several years where I'd get sick every other month or so, and...knock on wood, I haven't been sick since February (other than food poisoning).  I used to joke with people that if a fly sneezed on me, I'd catch its cold.  But seriously, that's how horrible my immune system was.  This week my sweet hubby has been fighting off a head cold, and guess what!  I didn't get it!  Now, this does mean that I've put a "no cuddling" disclaimer in bed, implemented a "no kissing on lips" rule, and a "take a vitamin C every hour" plan.  While I used to do these things, they never made much of a difference for me.  But, as of right now, I'm still not sick and hubby is on the mend too.  I have to admit though, I do keep apologizing to him for appearing so germaphobic..... and I may or may not be lysoling the bed every time one of us walks by it.

2.  Neighbors that are like family.  From the time I was born till the time I got married, I lived with my parents.  Many times I wanted to move out and start a life of my own, but living under their roof made so much more sense, and since I like to think of myself as a practical person (and financially responsible), it was definitely justifiable.  Plus, I enjoyed their company.  When I was a baby, my dear neighbors who I affectionately refer to as Aunt and Uncle have helped raise me.  Last night when I was visiting my parents, they made a special trip to their house to see me since they saw my car in the driveway.  They truly mean a lot to me, and ever since I moved in with my husband I appreciate them even more.  Why?  Because when I lived at home, if I heard a noise, my uncle was at the front door with his gun making sure I was okay.  If a car was parked in my driveway and he didn't recognize it, he'd trek across the street to check on me.  And I can't forget the time or two when I was locked out of my house and they gave me shelter and cookies!  Now that I live about 15 miles from them, they aren't always just across the street when I need them.  I now have new neighbors whom I have to learn how to make friends with.  It's odd starting out with neighbors because you don't know just how much you can trust them, or just how much they'll look out for you.  It's a slow relationship that takes time to build.  And that is why I am thankful for my neighbors who I was born referring to Aunt and Uncle.

3.  Our small groups started last Sunday.  My dear hubby is the group leader, and with him taking upon that role, I have felt extremely alive.  My obsession with office supplies shined through as I brought a neatly filed notebook to keep track of the group's happenings.  I'm gladly coordinating dinner every week, arranging childcare, and making sure all the necessary supplies are available.  While I don't love the spotlight, I absolutely love being the "Behind the scenes" person, my husband's support role.  And I know that he appreciates me and everything I do to support him, so that makes it 10 times better.  When we were in pre-marital counseling, our counselor taught us to say "I feel loved when _______."  We still use this in our relationship today, and one thing Hubby brings up frequently is, "I feel loved when you support me."  My heart.

So, that's what I'm thankful for today.  What are you thankful for?  I'd love to hear about it!


Oh, San Antonio...

Attention San Antonio readers:

This was brought to my attention by another blogger.  There is a spider monkey roaming loose in your neighborhoods.  Apparently, he's out there chasing women into their garages and stuff.  For real.

So, hide your wife, hide your kids 'cuz he's chasing everybody out there.

MSNBC tells us, "Don't go outside.  Don't try to pet him.  Don't try to befriend him.  And don't feed him at this point."

Which basically lets us know that there's a hungry, lonely spider monkey out in your neck of the woods.

Just thought you guys should know about this.


Where were you?

"Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?"  That Alan Jackson song really hits me when I hear it.  Of course, I remember where I was.  I was back in high school.  The world trade center and the twin towers were things I had heard about in history books, not in "real life."  I'll admit, in the first few hours, I didn't even realize the severity of this incident.

I had always been a Christian, but my religion came to me in a new light, so to speak.  I felt that Jesus was closer than He ever had been.  I remember one of the following mornings, I was on the bus on my way to school.  Normally I leaned my head against the seat and tried to keep the sun out of my eyes.  Not this morning though.  "God, your sunrise is beautiful.  Thank you for showing it to me today."  I continued my prayer asking for help for all those hurt, and those with loved ones lost.  

It's so hard to believe that today is the 9th anniversary of those terrible attacks.  9 years have flown by, or dragged on, depending on what's happening in your life.  For me, a lot has changed in 9 years.  There are two positive changes that I would like make mention of.  

One, in 2007, I was baptized into Christ and never looked back.  I had always been a Christian, praying and talking to God since I was a wee little one.  But in 2007, my belief became more than a vague relationship.  I recall the bible turning from a muddle of confusion to actual words that had actual meanings.  I recall the black and white world I was living in opening up to a beautiful world full of color.  There was no longer a haze in front of my eyes, and I could truly feel God.  What an amazing feeling.  I was baptized on my birthday that year, making it the day I was born in all senses of the word.  Also in 2007, I met my wonderful husband.  We were friends for a few months before I just couldn't hide my feelings for him any longer.  We did nightly bible studies together before we parted ways.  In 2009 we joined together in marriage and continued to study the Word together.

Today is the 9th anniversary of the terrible attack on our country.  I am flying my flag, and I am praying for those who lost their loved ones, as I'm sure many will be doing today.  


Chore Day

Me:  Belle, today is chore day, ya know.

Belle:  You mean I can't just lay in bed all day?
From Something That We Do

Me:  Well, sure, you can.... but I'll be doing chores.

Belle:  But you know I like to go everywhere with you momma.
From Something That We Do

Me:  I know, Belle.  You can come with me.

Belle:  Can I help you momma?

Me:  Sure Belle.  Will you wash the windows?

Belle:  Anything for you momma.

Me:  Thanks, Belle.  You're such a doll.


Thankful Thursday

Three things I am very thankful for this week:

1.  My prayer for my dad regarding school.  He's recently gone back to school, and his motivation has increased this week after he received the highest grade in his class, on a math test!  Thank you Lord for answering my prayer!

2.  Monday was a school holiday- need I say more?

3.  The rain we had yesterday.  I absolutely love when I am home and we have a rainy day.  It rained on and off throughout the day, and then it also rained last night.  Moreover, I'm thankful that when Austin brought his flute to school for the first time yesterday, it also came home without being damaged or lost!  And, I'm even more thankful that even though it rained last night, and Austin left the flute sitting on top of the car all night long, the flute was somehow not damaged.  The case is apparently (thankfully) water resistant.  


Thank you!

Thank you all for your help with my missing comments button! It was a silly error on my part but I am glad to have it resolved.

So, here's a semi-funny story. Or, maybe it's more awkward than anything. I'll let you decide.

I switched bus routes this morning due to my issue described here.  So, I get on the new bus, and I'm on only one on it.  That's a first for me, but it was okay.  Being the semi-paranoid (or safety conscious) person that I am, it occurred to me that if the bus driver knew that I hadn't ever been on this route before, he could drive off to no-man's land and it might take me a couple of miles to realize he's not going where I need him to.  I told myself I was being overly "concerned" and that the bus driver is in fact not out to get me, and I decided to just sit back and enjoy my coffee.  Then, he turned and asked me this.  

"Have you ever ridden this bus before?"

I wanted to say "Oh yeah, all the time.... I'll know if you take a wrong turn!  Then I'll know you're trying to kidnap me and I'll jump out the back door!"  But instead, this came out: "Nope."

I realized I was in a position to be taken advantage of, so I got a bit squirmy in my seat.  Then, ya know what he asked me???

"Do you know which way I turn up here?"

Umm... you are a bus driver..... right?  I mean, even if it is his first day, one of the very first things he should make sure he is aware of is his route, no?

"No, I don't.  I'm sorry."  He informed me that he saw a sign saying "No right turn" but there was a median in the road so he couldn't turn left even if he wanted to.  So, we can't go right, can't go left, and can't go straight.  I didn't see this sign he was talking about, but I just sat back and tried to relax.  He then called in to the dispatcher that he didn't know what to do.  I figured at that point I was safe because a kidnapper wouldn't call and ask for directions.  Anyway, turns out, that sign he saw said "No left turn," not "No right turn."

Luckily, after that "hurdle" he knew the bus route.

Maybe I found this interesting because I hadn't had my coffee yet.  Or, maybe I just find too many little circumstances "interesting."  Either way, I'm glad it's all said and done and I can go on about my day.

Have a good one!


My town

Many of you have probably not heard about my little town in the news lately. I'm quite ashamed of how it's made the international headlines, but I'll go ahead and tell you anyway.

There's a "church" in my town, called the Dove World Outreach Center. This "church" has been denouncing Islam for the past year and a half, and recently decided to host a "Burn The Koran" party on September 11. Because of this, the pastor of this "church" has had several death threats, and there have been terrorist threats (I've heard) as well. Seriously.

I have not read too much on the issue because it saddens me deeply to think that a so-called church would participate in such actions. We, as Christians, are called to love others as Christ loved us. In my honest opinion, the burning of another religion's holy book is not expressing love. I don't want to get too political here, so I'm going to leave it at that. I just wish that my town wasn't being represented in such a negative light. Hubby even sent me a news article from Fox News. I copied the whole email on here so you can see it. I'll admit, I'm slightly bragging here. Here it goes:

Love you madly,
Your Hubby

.... watch out for a kiss...

As we sat about 4 feet apart, and the normal ever-so-calm hubby kept asking me if I received his email yet, I kept telling him "Not yet." Then my computer chimed in an email notification and hubby jumped out of his chair, ran over to me and gave me a big wet kiss on the cheek! I didn't even have time to watch out for that kiss! I was ambushed! He's so stinkin' cute.


Thank you Bill and Shannon for hosting a fantastic BBQ today! The food was deeeeeelish!

So, this whole blogging thing.... I had thought no one was reading my blog, but I found out I can check my stats, and wouldn't you know it I have several views! Wow! Hi, whoever you are. My computer tells me you are Canadian. That's cool. I'm half Canadian, ya know. ;) Anyway, now that I know it's not just a journaling outlet for me, I plan on writing a little more. I read Whitney's post from The Glamorous Life of a Housewife and I decided to do that same survey. I hope you enjoy it! :)

1. If you could have any superpower what would you have? Why?
This one is really difficult! A super power? Hmm.... this may not sound like a "super power" but I've always enjoyed studying body language, so I think it would be cool to have the abilities of Cal Lightman on "Lie To Me" and know, at any given moment, exactly how someone is feeling. Although, that may be depressing to know people so well. So, for a super power, I'd have to say, no sleep. I wish I could stay awake 24/7 and not ever need sleep! I could get SO much more done that way!

2. Who is your style icon?
Umm...I don't have an "icon." I just wear what I see in the stores that I like. I tend to go for more timeless clothing than "trendy."

3. What is your favorite quote?
A quote? Well... I like the Life is Good motto: Do what you like, like what you do. But as for a quote I really like Proverbs 3:5-6. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." It's just so true.

4. What is the best compliment you've ever received?
I've just gotta agree with Whitney from The Glamorous Life of a Housewife here! Here's what she said: "Any compliment thrown my way regarding my role as a wife and a mom. NOTHING gives me greater joy than those words of encouragement and affirmation."

You know, I always hear about how the first year of marriage is the hardest. Our first year was a piece of cake to me. Maybe that's because so many people warned me about how hard it would be. My dear hubby and I are closer than ever, and we are growing closer on a daily basis. That being said, hearing that I'm doing a good job from people who mean a lot to me, still really gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

5. What playlist/cd is your CD player/iPod right now?
I actually have my ipod on shuffle right now. I don't like to listen to whole albums at a time anymore! In my CD player, I have a CD of various artists. They are mostly songs of praise.

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
These days..... neither. I've NEVER been a morning person (I can't ever imagine becoming one, although I would like to!) and I USED to be a night person. Lately, school has taken the life outta me so I try my best to hit the sack by 10:30, especially on weeknights.

7. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Dogs, hands down. Cats are too finicky for my liking.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
"Something That We Do" was a song that was sung at our wedding. The premise of the song is that love isn't something that we're in, it's something that we do. And I think that's very true, so that's why my blog is called "Something That We Do!"

I'd love to hear any of your survey answers as well!


Labor Day

Man, time is just flying by! Part of me is saying "Slow down!" while the other part of me is very excited that time is flying, because it's that much closer to my last semester of school being completed! Yay!

First things first, I have to thank you for your prayers that I would graduate. My advisor told me to petition to graduate in December, and she is in the process of retroactively adding me into one more class (I'm taking 19 hours now? what?!?!) so that I will graduate on time. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow is Labor Day (Yay, a school holiday!) so Austin and I are going to be hanging around the house in the AM and then we're all going to a BBQ in the PM. Aaah, Labor Day. Belle is hanging out at her grandparents house tonight- she's been there since this morning because we've been gone all day) and we'll pick her up tomorrow after the BBQ. Yay! I get some puppy love :)

On Friday, Carl and I bought Austin a flute from a lady on Craigslist. It appears to be in really good condition, but we're slightly concerned because Austin has been pressing the different keys and the pitch of the notes is not changing. I'm not sure if that's normal, so hopefully that will work itself out Tuesday when he gets to school.

Just wanted to throw in a quick update since it's been a little while. Everyone have a happy, and safe Labor Day tomorrow!