Something That We Do

Love is something that we do!


A Day At The Beach

Last month, when all three of us were in Florida at the same time, we took a road trip to the beach with Carl's mom, Ann. We headed over to Flagler Beach and the boys played in the surf. The water was probably in the mid to upper 80's, perfect beach weather. There was a storm headed in, but we got a few good hours to enjoy the Atlantic ocean once again. Upon arriving, we snapped this shot. Untitled See that photo right above? That was the last photo taken with Carl's wedding ring in it. (Cue tears from yours truly.) Yep, the Atlantic ocean stole his ring right off his finger. She may have gained a piece of gold, but she can't have my man! ;) IMG_2344 Back off, Atlantic, he's MINE! Untitled It was sad. But we tried not to let that ruin our day.

*Side Note: the first time we stuck a toe in the Pacific ocean, we thought it would fall off because IT'S SO COLD!!!  We explained to some friends in California how the water just isn't the same as on the east coast, and they said we went at the wrong time of year because it'll definitely get warm, "Like 60 to 64 degrees even!"  Ha!  64 degrees!*

I'll take it 85 and up, please and thank you very much!

Untitled Austin played hard.  He enjoyed getting nice and muddy. And running and splashing.  (Y'all, I promise we feed him.  The boy has good genes.  Many of you know he can just put away the food!)Untitled Then Carl splashed him, and...well....  boys will be boys.  (If I had a dime for every time I said that...)Untitled
I actually didn't even notice he made this face until I was posting it on the blog! Untitled
Oh, Austin.
This is a little better... 3 generations.  :)
It was a pretty great day. 


My First Quilt

In December, I was gifted a sewing machine from my parents.  Immediately, I was consumed with all the ideas and projects that could come to fruition.  And man... pinterest?  Don't even get me started.  FULL of ideas.  Whew!

My first project was a somewhat lofty goal... but I didn't know what a good starting point was.  So, I set out in late January to begin my project.  I purchased a bunch of fabric, a few more much needed tools, and started sewing.  After a few months, some more fabric purchases, and much help from a sweet woman from church, I had a quilt.  A real, fabric filled, batting stuffed, binding sporting, quilt. 

It now resides in my mom and dad's house.  Want to see?
Pardon Belle's bones in the upper left of the picture.


Of course, when it was laid on the floor for some photos, Belle thought I put it there for her.
Go for it, little Belle.

And here's the back side of it (which Belle also approves of).
I'm really happy with how it turned out. Now on to the next project!