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Logan is Six Months Old

On Christmas Eve, sweet and smiley baby Logan turned into a six month old! I can't even believe how fast time is flying. Every day, this baby gets sweeter and sweeter. Logan got better at sitting up this month, and he had his very first Christmas! Here's a recap of a very busy month. My love for these little boys just grows every month. Here's our life when Logan was six months old!

Luke comes and gets in bed with Logan in my bed every morning. Logan always greets Luke with a huge smile. He admires his big brother so much.

This outfit was one of Luke's when he was a baby. It was one of my favorites. It's so funny to see how they each fit in it a little differently!

Our Floridian winter is so beautiful. We sat in our driveway and watched Luke ride his bike on our street. Logan enjoyed hanging out watching his big brother.

Daddy is always great about making sure to get our Christmas lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

 I always enjoy naps with this cuddly little guy!
 Luke enjoyed a yummy Christmas snack.
 Logan came with Mommy to a kickball game and hung out with his friend Addison.

 He is the smiliest baby I've ever known.
 Luke held Logan while he zoned out and watched Blue's Clues. 
 Logan's first time in a high chair at a restaurant was when we visited Rachel and Michael and finally got to meet baby Emma! 
We call this one "Besties and their babies." All our big kids are so proud of their little babies! 
 At our young family Christmas party we snapped a few pictures!

Luke on the left, Logan on the right! 
Running errands with mama! 
 Logan sleeping on the floor next to Belle!
 Logan got better and better at sitting up this month!
Luke got brave and tried to ride his bike without training wheels! I had to hold Logan so our big kid neighbor friend tried to help Luke. Once Luke realized the bike had to stay in motion to not fall, he decided to call it a day and try again later. 
 We went to the Alachua Christmas parade!

Hanging out at Momau's 

 Christmas party at church!
Christmas outfits at church! 

A couple of bros hanging out! 
Christmas festivities are so fun with kids. We made a gingerbread house!

 Look how great Luke's gingerbread house turned out! Complete with a chimney and plumbing!
We had a few really cold days... look at the frost on our roof, it looks like snow! 
 Logan is sleeping in the Christmas outfit that Luke wore when he met Santa for the first time!
These were taken at the Christmas party in Luke's pre-k classroom! 

We stayed to watch Luke lead his class outside. He was line leader this week and he was very proud! 

 Hanging out with my little!
 Luke and Juliana matched their Christmas colored outfits!

This picture was taken out my window when I saw Luke riding outside on his "motorcycle" and he was dressed in all red, with a Mickey shirt and Mickey hat (WITH EARS!), and a Mickey cape! 
 Big brother duties: Pushing baby brother in the stroller when we go to the museum!
 Just a couple of boys hanging out together! (or as Luke says, "togedder")
 Logan was comfy riding in the stroller! Haha!
 My muscle man bringing in the recycling bin! He loves helping around the house in any way he can. Especially if it involves using his muscles!
 We went to see Santa at the mall!
Luke and his friend Amelia got to ride their bikes together on this beautiful Floridian winter day! 
Luke and Snoopy are watching "Snoopy Come Home."

 This guy takes his cookie making and decorating very seriously! We made the most delicious cookies together this month!

 I mean, can they get any cuter?!

 Brotherly love melts this mama's heart EVERY SINGLE TIME.
 My friend took these pictures for us at our property, where our house will be built by the end of next year!

 This one is so Luke!

 Look at that smile! I love it!!!

Luke was so excited to take pictures with the Christmas lights! I can't turn any pictures down that he will offer because they're getting fewer and far between as the days go on! 
 Logan's first time looking at Christmas lights at North Florida!

Another example of how Snoopy became the chosen buddy for Luke this month! 

 Luke and his Snoopy are both exhausted after enjoying Christmas lights!
 Look at this handsome six month old! His smiles are so heartwarming!

 This little guy wouldn't straighten his sleepy little body out for a full picture!
Every month with these boys is such a delight for this mama.