Something That We Do

Love is something that we do!


Carl's Surprise

Carl:  Will you dye your hair blond just once?
Lindsey: Never.
Carl: I'm just curious what you'd look like.
Lindsey: Not in a million years.
Carl: Please?
Lindsey: Get it out of your head.
Carl: Why not just once?
Lindsey: I said no.

As a surprise to Carl, I did this.
And by "surprise," I mean that I didn't tell him I did it. 
I just showed him.
At the airport.
After we had been apart from one another for a whole month.
Here's the story, in pictures.
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
From Hair
There you have it.
Carl, my dear, if this doesn't say I love you, I don't know what does.  :)
Which do you like better?


Order of Confusion

Wednesday after church, we went out for dinner/ dessert with some friends of ours.  Austin always orders his own meal, and he normally does a pretty good job knowing what sides he wants and whatnot.  Wednesday night, however, he was off his game. 
"What can I get for you, young man?" The waitress asked.
"I'd like the nachos with cheese with a choice of meat." Austin answered.
"Okay, what type of meat would you like?" asked the waitress.
"A choice please." answered Austin.
"Okay, we have steak, ground beef, chicken....." the waitress paused.
"I'd just like a choice please." Austin started sipping his coke.
"You do have a choice, it comes with cheese and whatever meat you'd like." the waitress tried to explain.
"Ohhhh," said Austin. "I'll have cheddar then."
That was the point I whispered to the waitress that he would actually like steak.
He fell asleep in the car on the way home, so we'll chalk this awkwardness up to tiredness.  :)