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Luke's Eighth Month

Luke is eight months old!
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What a month this has been!
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A few firsts:

Luke celebrated his first Valentine's Day...
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Took his first picture....
Luke took his first "selfie!"
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(Just kidding!)

 He actually celebrated by going on a date to Red Robin with Mommy and Daddy...
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He loved sitting in his new high chair, that snaps on to the table! His little legs swung under the table NON STOP! And oh, he giggled! He captured the hearts of everyone at the tables around us...he was a total ham!
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First time rolling over! He has still only done it a handful of times, but I think it's because he is so content just hanging out.  I caught this picture of him right after he rolled the first time.  Someone is a little proud! (He's smiling at the baby in the mirror!)

First time riding in a convertible car seat!
(We had to upgrade from the infant seat because his shoulders are too broad for him to sit comfortably.)
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And Luke wore sunglasses for the first time!
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And played catch for the first time...

Which brings me to this next bit...


Luke and I flew to Florida.  We missed our first flight because of horrible traffic so we were put on the next flight out.  Thank goodness we were- this flight was only booked to 50% capacity!  Wahoo!
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It was a whirlwind of a trip. 
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We had two goals...  to visit the grandparents see our future house!  That's right, we are moving back to Florida! 

We went by our future house (which is, coincidentally also our former house...we rented it out while we were in California)'s Luke sitting in the master bedroom.
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 photo IMG_8287_zps5f919689.jpg
 photo IMG_8279_zpsb9b91828.jpg
And I had to include the shot of him giving me the lip...
 photo IMG_8293_zpsb56d404a.jpg
(He was all smiles a split second later.)

We are re-doing some things in the house, so we were there getting quotes and looking at what we would be able to fix up on our own.
 photo IMG_8302_zps30250064.jpg

Can. Not. Wait.

We have loved living in California, and we have made some AMAZING friends that I am going to be absolutely heartbroken to leave behind... but, when I was in Florida, I met our friendly neighbors-to-be and there are a ton of little kids on our street in our cul-de-sac!  All the kids play outside together, and our neighbor tells me that the moms like to meet up in the cul-de-sac at the end of the day and chat.  Kids playing outside in the cul-de-sac will be so great for Luke as he gets bigger!

While we were in Florida, we visited all of the grandparents, like I said.  Here's a picture of all four generations (minus my Opa who is in Canada!)  This is my dad and his mom, with Luke and I.  Four generations in a selfie pic! (And the one time Luke won't smile, little stinker!)
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Luke has been starting to suck his thumb a little more recently.  I think it's the sweetest thing ever.  On Omi's porch, he was holding my hand and sucking his thumb.  Melt my heart, little boy.  Omi said when my dad was little he always wanted to hold something when he sucked his thumb too... he often had a little stone in his hand!  Isn't that adorable?
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My poor mom was sick the whole week (it was her spring break) but miraculously, Luke and I didn't catch it! Luke loves his Momau. 
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Sleeping in Momau's bed? So great!
 photo IMG_8046_zpscd045faa.jpg
Waking up in Momau's bed? So fun!
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This month,
Luke played more "Peekaboo"...

And, he enjoyed more smoothies with me!
Luke found the baby in the mirror on one of his little toys.  Check out this progression.
 photo IMG_8438_zpsaae3f162.jpg
 photo IMG_8436_zps245f8b1c.jpg
There he is!
 photo IMG_8427_zps7cc8c55d.jpg
Then he managed to get on the other side of the orange bar!
 photo IMG_8454_zps1c41dcc4.jpg 
See what happened next by watching this video:

 He is so silly.  Watch what he learned this month!

My little boy is getting so big, so quickly.
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This is how I cook and do dishes... Luke hangs out in his high chair and chats with me.

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Happiest 8 months of my life!