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Pink Truck

At the end of Monday's blog, I asked you a question. 

Jeopardy style.

And the answer is, "What type of car would you like when you turn 16?"

"Hot pink Ford truck."  That was my response for YEARS.  

I guess I never really pictured what it would look like.  But now, I think it would look something like this.... except it would've been a Ford instead of a Dodge.

For those of you that don't know, that was NOT my first car.
My first car was a 1987 Mazda 626.
I loved that car.
Even if, sometimes, I was really tempted to put a sign in my back window saying, "I may need a push."
So then, as that car slowly decided it was getting too old to take me everywhere on a moment's notice, I gathered up my money and got this instead.

A 2005 Hyundai Tucson.
And she's been my baby.
As I got married, I realized I would never ever own a pink truck.
And that's okay. 
I'll buy a fluffy dog and buy her everything pink instead.
So, Belle needed an "Airline Approved" bag to travel in when we fly to Florida in a few months.
We went to Petco and found the perfect bag for her.
And I call it her pink truck.  With a sunroof.
It's even on wheels.  
Cute, isn't it?
It's on wheels so I can pull her through the airport instead of carrying her. 
And, there's a strap inside for me to clip her harness or collar to.  Which is great because she'll be able to poke her head out while I'm wheeling her around.
Each side also has a window that can be open or closed, depending on how she feels.
I'll most likely just leave them open so she can see out at all times.
Anyway, that's how I our family ended up getting a pink truck.
You like?


Aww, I love this post! Belle looks adorable in her "pink truck"!
I love Belle's pink truck. Too cute Lindsey.
I totally enjoyed reading the story of Belle’s “pink truck”! Although I wasn’t expecting for your little puppy to have it. It was a very cute story! You must have been envious of Belle as she got a pink truck! Haha! Like you, I was also dreamt of having a pink truck when I was younger I think it’s every girl’s fantasy! :D

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