Something That We Do

Love is something that we do!


Game Video (Not Video Game!)

My parents sent me a text before Austin's last soccer game asking me to record him playing.  So, here it is!  It's hard to make out, but once he was put in the game, I recorded the first little bit of him playing because the ball was on his side.  He's number 15, and if you know him pretty well, you'll be able to tell it's him by how he's running.

Also, please ignore my voice.

 He was much more aggressive this game... he did great.  The team still didn't win.... but they made SO much progress.  The players were showing much more skill, confidence, communication, morale.... it was great.  So neat to see how far they came in just a week!
Good job Madrid! :)


The First Game

Austin had his very first soccer game last Saturday, so this post is going to be inundated with pictures.  The grandparents will love it... the rest of you, possibly not so much.  Feel free to look away!

Here's the first huddle for team "Madrid."  (I know, right?!  What kind of team name is Madrid? )  And yes, Austin does have Tim Tebow's number.  That's right, Florida boy.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Austin played defense.  He was still a little timid around the ball, but we're encouraging him to be more aggressive.  He says he has to to stand still until the defense leader tells him to move... but I'm not sure he understands that correctly.  But who am I to say, I am learning soccer as we go here. Hey, I've never been a soccer mom before!
(Don't look too hard, I don't think Austin is in this shot... but that's a lot of green, so correct me if I'm wrong.)

This is awful, but I don't even know what the other team name was.  I was expecting parents to be on the sidelines cheering for their team, but they mostly just sat and talked with each other.  When a play got to be heated, they would perk up.... but no shouting "Go Madrid!" or any other team name for that matter.  (Maybe if the team name was the Lions or Pirates or something more fierce sounding.  Is Madrid fierce?  I admit to not knowing much about that place.)

Check out this action shot.... that's our goalie.  So yes, the other team was about to make a goal and I took a picture.  There seems like there should be some sort of code against that... soccer mom's taking pictures of their kid's team getting beat.  However, in this particular shot, our excellent goalie (who blocked several shots) did succeed.  

Final score?  8 to 3.  Poor Madrid.  Stay tuned for this Saturday's game!


Busy Bee!

Although we're still in the beginning of the school year, Austin seems to be doing great.  He has come home every day with his planner filled out completely, and is in the good habit of starting his homework right after his after-school snack.  This year (so far) has been the year that he's had the most homework.  We're only a few weeks into the school year, and yet he spends a couple of hours on homework almost every day.  But, he doesn't complain, and he gets it all done before supper (most of the time).  It's kind of weird, but I almost feel like having more homework makes him actually more responsible.  Instead of having one simple worksheet that he could do later, he has several pieces of homework from different classes, so he knows he has to take time to do them, and he has to plan his time wisely in order to get everything done.  And, not only that, but he's taken on a few extra-curricular activities this year.

Like last year, we had Austin sign up for cross country.  Last year, he loved it.  His grades went up when he was running, he slept better at night, and he was much calmer.  This year, he did not want to join!  We couldn't figure out why he didn't want to, because he loved it so much last year.  We had him do it anyway, just so he could get some more exercise.  Last year had such positive benefits!  He's no longer complaining about going, and he's talking about his running times that he's achieving.  We haven't heard a direct "I like cross country" statement from him...yet... but I think it'll come. 

It's not exactly "extra-curricular" but Austin is enrolled in band this year.  He decided to continue playing his flute, like he did when we lived in Florida.  He told me that one of the keys was broken,  so I took it to the repair shop and was given some bad news.  They told me it was a really bad brand and they could repair it for $65 and guarantee it works for about five minutes, but no longer.  They said if I tried to sell it, I might get $100 for it.  Or, they said I could buy a new flute form them for $1000.  Austin told his teacher about this, and she told him to only buy from a different local music store.  So, the next day, I gave them a call.  Their minimum price was $1200.  Are you guys kidding me?!

We asked Austin if he really wanted to continue the flute, or if there were any other instruments that he would want to switch to.  He was insistent upon the flute.  (He did consider saxophone for a little while, but decided against it.)  So, we asked him how long he would want to play the flute.  "Are you thinking just until the end of 8th grade, or are you wanting to continue in high school?"  We talked over high school options, and told him we could either invest in a good instrument that will last, or we can rent one if he would prefer to stop playing after this year.  We also told him if he did decide to keep playing into high school, we would need a commitment from him because purchasing a new flute was going to be a big investment.

He decided to stick with it.  So, several hundred dollars later, Austin has a new, high quality flute.  Today was his first day bringing it to school, and I basically told him to guard that flute like his life depended on it.  He said, "I think it might."  Hopefully that means he understands how valuable it is.  I felt the need to emphasize the importance of him taking care of it because in Florida, he actually lost the cheaper flute we had purchased for him.  It turned up several weeks later at school somehow.  And there was another time that I found Austin's flute sitting on the top of Carl's car.  At 6am.  I had left for school while it was still dark, and when I backed out of the driveway, I saw something sitting on Carl's car (Carl and Austin were both still asleep so I knew they didn't just put it there).  I hopped out of my car, and there was Austin's flute.  Covered in water droplets from sitting out all night.  So, needless to say, the importance of caring for this new instrument was emphasized heavily.

In the Spring and early summer, we felt like Austin wasn't being challenged a whole lot.  When he's not busy, he gets bored and restless.  When he gets bored, his television and video game time go through the roof.  When that happens, he actually becomes moody and tends to get in a little more trouble.  I imagine it's like that with many teenagers.  We kept asking him to sign up for a sport at school, and he actually decided to join wrestling and track.  But he never actually joined.  "I will." he kept telling us.  We told him he needed to get in a sport again, or we'll put him in one that we find.  He called our bluff and ended up in soccer.

Hey Austin, we put you in soccer!
You did WHAT?!
We put you in soccer.  {Smiling} 
Why???!?  I HATE soccer..... man!  Are you kidding?
We asked you to sign up for something at school but you never did, remember?
So you put me in soccer?????
Yeah, we think you're going to love it!
I won't.  I hate soccer.  I can't believe you guys put me in soccer.  Man! {stomps upstairs to his room}
{Fast foward a few months.} starts in a couple of weeks, are you getting excited?
Yeah.... soccer....
Who's playing soccer?
You are.. remember?  We put you in it...
I thought you were just saying that.
??????  You're starting in a couple of weeks, so we're going to get you some soccer gear this weekend!
Man.  I hate soccer.  Why'd you put me in it?
Just give it a shot.  If you hate it this season, you can choose another sport for next year and we won't make you join soccer again, as long as you try to find something you do like.
Uggggggh.  {Exaggerated sigh.  Moan.  Lip biting.} 
That being said.....

Austin has really taken off with soccer.  He's doing great!  He's only had a handful of practices, but we can already see a difference in his performance.  Not only that, but he's actually talking about soccer outside of a positive way!  I knew he would like it!  And that brings me to this... I have something to share with you.  
And now I get to say "I told you so."  
But I won't actually say it.
So, in the words of my own mom, said with a smirk, "What'd I tell ya?"