Something That We Do

Love is something that we do!


Logan is Two Months Old

Logan is 2 months old!

 Logan is a super expressive baby.
His eyebrows speak for him!
 He's also quite the sleeper.
He loves snoozing wrapped in a toasty blanket.
Look at this sweet brotherly love.
I sure love these little boys.
And they adore one another.
One of my best friends came up to Gainesville and stopped in for a quick visit.
She's one strong mama to a strong little girl named Emma, who is about two weeks older than Logan.
We went to Palm Coast to visit Carl's grandparents and Uncle Nick, Aunt Jacquie and cousin Nico.
Here's Carl's grandma holding her third great-grandson.
We sat by the pool while the big boys swam.
Nana really enjoyed holding Logan.
She held him while he dozed for quite a while.
Luke clowned around with his great grandpa Tom.
I'm loving my boy mom life. 
Luke is big on crafting.
Here he is wearing his painting smock.
Hello little Logan!
Mama loves your hair!
Here we are out for one of our walks. Luke is zooming around on his bike, while wearing his Super Mickey cape.
I love these boys so much.

We took Luke (and Logan) to the museum of natural history. 
Luke had a blast.
Logan enjoyed himself too.

Our first park day!

That ergo sure does knock my babies out.

Logan is such a relaxed baby.
Here he is snoozing next to his daddy.
Super silly Luke, all covered in stickers!
Best buddies- Luke and Amelia- having fun pool time together!

Hi, mama!

Have you ever seen a baby holding a baby?
Addie Mae here is four months older than Logan.
Logan borrowed Addie Mae's rock and play when he needed a snooze.
Hi there pretty baby!
Luke has been wanting to swim in the rain for so long!
It finally poured without any thunder or lightening so I told him to go for it!

Big brother returned to his school in August.

So mama hung with this guy during the day.
We are always glad to have big brother back with us at the end of the day.

During the solar eclipse, we ventured outside and enjoyed all the foreign shadows.
Luke also really enjoyed planning our future house.
Here he is with our floor plans.

They say life with one child goes fast but with two, I'm thinking it goes even faster.
One day he's in my tummy and a few short years later he's an architect.