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Young Families Surprise

We're still stuck in the Motel 8 in Texas, so I figured I'd catch up on some older posts that have been neglected.  We'll start with this one.

A week before we left town, the young families at our church all got together to make fruit baskets for the widows and widowers.  The children were playing in the gym, listening to music and throwing basketballs with each other.  Little Miss Georgia came along with us, because the very next day was my graduation and she was in town to watch.  Ah, the life of a two year old.  :)

Here's Georgia and Carl, who she sometimes mistakenly refers to as "Marshall."  Not sure where she got that name, but she sometimes calls him Marshall and then laughs when we remind her that his name is Carl.

After making fruit baskets, the young families surprised us with a going away cake, and a bible for each of us with our names inscribed on the cover. How thoughtful! We will truly miss these people.

Here's some of our wonderful church family...

The next 5 pictures just about sums everyone up! :)
Kameron is taking the photos, so he is not pictured. Thank you, Kameron!

We gotta have a few goofy shots with this group, too!


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