Something That We Do

Love is something that we do!



 Belle and I are visiting Florida until July 12th.  We arrived on Friday evening in Jacksonville.  I'm going to pause for a moment here and brag about how well Belle did on the plane.  She flew like an old pro.  She sat in her little pink truck quietly and just went along with what we were doing.
When we finally landed in Jacksonville, I hurried off of the plane to get to my parents.  I knew they were there waiting for me.  I was eager to see them, and I was eager for Belle to see them.  My sweet Carl asked me to video Belle when she saw her grandparents for the first time, so I did.  What's that?  You want to see the videos?  Okay, you've twisted my arm.
Here's a video of Belle when she saw my dad for the first time.  There was lots of hugging and moving, so the camera woman didn't hold still and get the best angles.  Hey, it was emotional, cut some slack.  ;-)

And here's the video of Belle seeing my mom for the first time in 5 months.  Sweet, isn't it?

Anyway, so there are the videos.  Belle was also very eager to see my parents' dog (Mitzi) when she arrived into Alachua. Their reunion is also videod, but it was recorded in so little light, it's only sound.
So here we are, back in Florida for a couple of months.  It's great to be back home with our family and friends!  Stay tuned for our adventures.