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Luke's Seventh Month

 photo IMG_7700_zps13e16659.jpg
Luke is now 7 months old!
 photo IMG_7716_zpsf558a232.jpg
We had a fun month, without a whole lot going on.
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 photo IMG_7735_zps28ed570d.jpg

 photo IMG_7725_zpsa94b79f0.jpg
 photo IMG_7728_zpse622c533.jpg photo IMG_7730_zps05a2a252.jpg
We had many moments of a boy loving on his dog..."Give me kisses!"

 photo IMG_7731_zps2ecca23a.jpg photo IMG_7732_zps18e91254.jpg

And a dog loving on her boy.

 photo IMG_7511_zpsde707e74.jpg
 photo IMG_7321_zpsd58e54b3.jpg photo IMG_7434_zps1aa2cb4f.jpg
For the most part, we kicked back and took it easy this month.

 photo IMG_7327_zps5a5f75ca.jpg
But we did have a trip to the ER when Luke woke up screaming, throwing up, and having diarrhea with a fever in the middle of the night.  His doctor said take him in, thinking it was the flu. photo IMG_7412_zpse9fbf19e.jpg
It was croup.
The ER doctor gave him a shot of Zofran so he didn't get dehydrated.  

So we took it easy, and rested,
 photo IMG_7426_zps78a702ea.jpg
 photo IMG_7328_zps86a53ef4.jpg
and rested.
 photo IMG_7665_zpse08d2309.jpg

After a busy December, it was nice to be at home and just relax for a bit...stay in our jammies late,
 photo IMG_7662_zps9294a362.jpg
video chat with family,
 photo IMG_7324_zpsec5f4f35.png
go on a few walks,
 photo IMG_7439_zpsbc6699a0.jpg
 photo IMG_7684_zps22163dc8.jpg
and kick our feet up.
 photo IMG_7427_zps2c794358.jpg

Here are a few sweet shots that I captured of the babe.
 photo IMG_7549_zpsd542b9ad.jpg
Yes, he was laughing so hard he toppled over.  Isn't he adorable?!
 photo 17c6c9fa-6672-4cf5-87cc-8e196bbce09a_zpsdf9b5a54.jpg
We also took pictures with the doggies,
 photo IMG_7544_zps90c33829.jpg
 photo IMG_7523_zps9d8fb334.jpg
 photo IMG_7529_zpsbedee199.jpg
 photo IMG_7530_zps86fb093e.jpg
 photo IMG_7531_zps711e5b70.jpg
 photo IMG_7532_zps08d0e877.jpg
 photo IMG_7536_zps4cae6fba.jpg
played with toes,
 photo IMG_7540_zps919b7c60.jpg
and cut a tooth!
 photo IMG_7628_zps0481942f.jpg
(Chewing on rubber ducks help the gums feel so much better!)
 photo IMG_7566_zpsd0476e16.jpg

We wore sneakers,
 photo IMG_7592_zpsead46db5.jpg
 and homemade hats (thanks, Momau),

 photo IMG_7619_zps4947ef29.jpg
and went to Bible class (Momma stayed and held Luke after this picture was taken!)
 photo IMG_7637_zpsccd7482c.jpg
We had a good ole time!
 photo IMG_7318_zps31ef2752.jpg

This month, Luke enjoyed many new foods.  He eats a good homemade dinner with us at the table every night.
So far, he has enjoyed applesauce, apples and prunes, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, bananas, grapes (in a mesh bag), split pea soup, avocado, and a couple of smoothie varieties: strawberry/banana and peach/mango/banana.  When I drink my smoothies, Luke grunts until I put some in his mouth... the boy loves his food!

Luke played "Peekaboo" even more!

And he has continued to perfect his famous noise!

Last, but not least... here's Luke's little tiny tooth!

This just might've been the best month yet.....