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Luke's Eleventh Month!

Our precious one is eleven months old now. Oh my gosh. For real. Stop the clock. Hold up.

One more month until the big zero-one! (I better get planning!)

Okay, now that I have picked my jaw up off of the floor....
 photo IMG_0479_zpsbfd49d89.jpg
We took a trip down memory lane this month and came across this photo.

See any similarities? ;)
 photo IMG_0512_zpsb4df9704.jpg

So, Luke's eleventh month... this was the month that we actually headed East toward our Florida home.
 photo IMG_9995_zps54e40fdb.jpg
Dad flew with me and I seriously don't think I would've made it without him. Remember a few years ago when we got stuck in Texas? Well, it happened again. NO JOKE.  I don't make this up, y'all.

 photo IMG_9998_zps83675bd7.jpg

Luke was THE perfect traveler, as always.
 photo IMG_0247_zpsa7ce021e.jpg

But the weather.  Oh man, the weather.  Dallas had some gnarly storms that grounded every flight headed East.  It was a mess.  But you know what? We've got this traveling thing down, and we were good.
 photo IMG_0003_zpsab6e93b5.jpg
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My poor dogs who couldn't go potty on the other hand.....

After multiple flights being canceled, I booked us on a red eye flight into West Palm Beach (FOUR HOURS from our home!). By the grace of God, we each ended up with our own row of seats.
 photo IMG_0252_zpsefd82643.jpg
It was the ONLY Florida flight we could get on without having to wait an extra twelve hours in the airport.  So, we rented a car. And I had to rent a car seat (a big no no since you don't know the car seat's history...) But I had no other options.  They gave me an infant seat, which was fine because Luke fit quite comfortably.
 photo IMG_0011_zpsbafcfbd0.jpg

But I made sure that once we were in Florida the following morning, Luke had a nice, easy, relaxing day. That evening we were scheduled to head over to Dustin's house in Jacksonville so mom would be close to the hospital where she would have her knee replaced the following morning.
 photo IMG_0014_zps19675163.jpg
 photo IMG_0260_zpsc2a354a1.jpg
Luke cuddled with his Momau that evening as we all de-stressed and prepared for the hospital-laden days ahead.
 photo IMG_0023_zps813a0b92.jpg
By the way, we were greeted in Jax with a warm welcome from Dustin and his girlfriend Abigail who baked some delicious organic, fat free brownies.  Luke (okay, we all) went to town on them!
 photo 85DCFFE6-934C-4ECB-B77A-D0AF3E576C38_zpsmakg5sa0.jpg
Once we were in the hospital, and mom was taken back for surgery, Luke and I hung out with my Uncle David.  Then Luke and I went on a walk by the river.

 photo IMG_0026_zps196d1a13.jpg
 photo IMG_0030_zps416d297d.jpg
When mom got out of surgery, they let us hang out in her room.  It was nice having some private space to relax in, and Luke enjoyed playing with his great Uncle David.

 photo IMG_0036_zps2e126560.jpg

Later that day, Aunt Karla, Uncle Gene and Susanna came to the hospital.  This was taken the following day.  My cousin Susanna met Luke for the first time.
 photo IMG_0049_zpsde9c4486.jpg
Luke went right to my Aunt Karla.  We think it was because she looks like his Momau.  He went to her but studied her.... "Something is different..." It was sweet to see them together.  photo IMG_0069_zps03ea4766.jpg

After mom's surgery, we headed back to Alachua and mom began the healing process.  Luke continued to lift her spirits. (In fact, when mom came out of surgery, one of the first things she said, while pointing at Luke, was "I'll take two of you." Oh, anesthesia....)
 photo 878DD11E-D684-47A4-8341-70914E608BF4_zpsfylmy5d8.jpg
 photo 6B9FD089-7811-47B7-8F3C-482123FECBD9_zpseco8iaw2.jpg

Carl and Austin drove from California a couple weeks later.  Here we all are together.  Reunited and it feels so good!
 photo IMG_0283_zpsf279b18d.jpg

While mom has been healing, my dad and I have been doing tons of renovations on our house.
Here's Luke napping in his was-going-to-be-future-bedroom until Carl decided to trade it for a home office. (Now Luke gets a bigger room, so all worked out!)
 photo 523CDC84-D6A0-43B0-B234-20EF09A390FA_zps4hxrdmrh.jpg

I love working with my dad, and learning how to do things under his watch.  We hired someone to do crown molding, and we hired my dad to paint most of the rooms in our house. Together, my dad and I have ripped out the carpet in our formal room and dining room and installed bamboo flooring, painted the closets, and now we are working on wainscoting and baseboards. It's so much fun seeing our house transform before my eyes!  And Luke is mesmerized by my dad's tools.  It's pretty funny.

"Get your own ratchet!" Luke says.
 photo IMG_0403_zpsadab71d7.jpg

On our new bamboo floor, we needed an area rug so Luke would have a cozy place to play.  Mom ventured out with me, to a little shop, and used Luke's stroller as her walker.
 photo IMG_0309_zpsf6c97650.jpg

I have been LOVING the daily afternoon storms we are being blessed with.  Ahh, home sweet home.
 photo IMG_0408_zps5eff3602.jpg (Well, that's out our front door looking at our neighbors house...but you get what I mean.)

Know what else we have now that we are home? PUBLIX. Yes!!!
 photo IMG_0083_zps4c214c3f.jpg

We've been in the car quite a bit... picking up different supplies at different stores... but Luke is such a good car-rider.  Check out those little crossed legs.  He was listening to "Ho Hey!"
 photo IMG_0412_zps3a2a09bf.jpg

We're enjoying being in our new/old house, and Luke is enjoying the bath tub in it.  photo IMG_0358_zpsaa229cd9.jpg

Our sweet friend even brought us dinner one night. This was our first meal in our house.  Well....out of our house, since it was on our back patio. :) It's a selfie- so excuse my crazy face.  Also, Luke is waving at the camera.
 photo IMG_0395_zps700c1b29.jpg
A few firsts:

This month, Luke has taken off with his vocabulary! He's still got such a sweet disposition, and I really couldn't ask for a sweeter baby.  He gives kisses, and says so many things now! Some of my favorite things he says is "Bye bye" while waving his little hand in a circle, "Nigh nigh," "Pretty," and...get this... "I love you." (Which sounds like "alluhyou!" He says it before going to bed every night. One time, I was unpacking boxes and Luke's Auntie Laurel was holding him.  I walked by and I heard "alluhyou!" and I turned and saw Luke waving at me.  That boy can make his momma's heart skip a beat like no other. Ahh.

Luke also has started giving us high-fives. It's adorable.

Here, take a look at the little dancing babe. He's started dancing whenever he hears music. It cracks us up!

Luke also says "Oooh" quite a bit.  And, "oh wow!" on occasion.  It cracks us up.  If you ask him a question, most of the time he nods and says "Yeah." He loves putting his lips in the "oooh" shape and often whistles when he inhales! It's hilarious! He's started doing it on purpose and changing the pitch even! 

Here's Luke playing with his bud...his Poppa.

This month has been SO busy! Luke has been such a little trooper, playing along side my many crazy projects and unpacking. Friends have come and given us a hand, and helped us settle in.  I can't wait till our house is in order and we can have people over for fun! 

Thank you for all of you who have been praying for this to be a smooth transition!


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