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Luke's 1st Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning Luke's first birthday party.  From early on, I knew what I wanted the theme to be...."You Are My Sunshine." It's such a sweet song that we have sang to Luke since birth.

Here is the invitation we sent out to our friends and family. (My contact info and address is blurred out.)
 photo 431311ae-817c-4d27-ad1b-44091ca991a4_zps480c605c.jpg
We had about 35 people come for the party. I had planned on it being completely outdoors, but it rained all day long! It all worked out great though. Here is our front yard on the day of the party.
 photo IMG_0978_zps0a382588.jpg
Looking up our walkway...
 photo IMG_0976_zpsb8f34b55.jpg

Here's the main display I set up.
 photo IMG_0959_zps44273c12.jpg
On the back wall, there were all of the monthly photos I have taken of Luke.  We had all sorts of candies and snacks like pretzels with melted candy on top, mini quiches, pizza rolls, a veggie tray, popcorn,
and deli rolls. We had many different lollipops, candy coated chocolates, rock candy, taffy, and bubble gum. To drink, we had water, sweet tea, and lemonade.
 photo IMG_0961_zpsa736aa9e.jpg
 photo IMG_0960_zpsad7c9989.jpg
 photo IMG_0962_zps45fd4c5d.jpg
 photo IMG_0963_zps16602422.jpg
 photo IMG_0964_zps0e946443.jpg
 photo IMG_0965_zps523909a0.jpg
 photo IMG_0966_zpsd90d2417.jpg
Outside, we had lanterns and streamers, and beach balls.
 photo IMG_0954_zps9de9e052.jpg
 photo IMG_0955_zpsc70a5437.jpg
 photo IMG_0956_zps495353e9.jpg
 photo IMG_0957_zps203f5dd7.jpg
 photo IMG_0983_zpsa238a196.jpg
 photo IMG_0987_zpsbcd9b58f.jpg
 photo IMG_0988_zps5df4d20c.jpg
 photo IMG_0991_zpsc1c55ae0.jpg
 photo IMG_0993_zps8287cf7e.jpg
 photo IMG_7456_zpsdde76f72.jpeg
 photo IMG_0994_zps89c5080d.jpg
 photo IMG_0998_zps11bc8014.jpg
 photo IMG_0999_zps0c48f8c9.jpg

The party favors for the children were small star shaped sunglasses.
 photo IMG_1002_zps869504bc.jpg
 photo IMG_1003_zpsf03759b5.jpg

How old are you?
 photo IMG_1009_zps5e76934b.jpg

Even though we got rained out, the party still went pretty well.  The kids stayed inside and played with the 50 balloons we blew up.
 photo IMG_7092_zps02df76a5.jpeg

We tried to do a smash cake (that Luke's Poppa made him) but Luke had no interest in smashing it. I spent the last year trying to teach him how to be clean, so when it came to getting messy, he was like NO THANK YOU! 
 photo IMG_1122_zps508c6e74.jpg
 photo IMG_1155_zps66b21a89.jpg
 photo IMG_1020_zps910798e2.jpg
 photo IMG_1155_zps66b21a89.jpg
 photo IMG_1021_zps3034f604.jpg
 photo IMG_1022_zps2db70a7b.jpg
 photo IMG_1024_zps55fe3c7c.jpg
 photo IMG_1125_zpsfb369b33.jpg
 photo IMG_1126_zps0990f019.jpg
Luke shared his cake with mommy and daddy. So sweet.
 photo IMG_1034_zpsb51f8f5e.jpg
 photo IMG_1037_zpsefdca234.jpg
 photo IMG_1039_zpscd8aca99.jpg
The pressure was just too much...
 photo IMG_1127_zpsb4734751.jpg
When Luke started crying, Sam (the little boy to the left) said "It's okay baby Luke," and he blew him a kiss.  So sweet.
 photo IMG_1049_zps62a71b4b.jpg
 photo IMG_1054_zps4f8dc126.jpg
 photo IMG_1074_zps2f623313.jpg
 photo IMG_1088_zps7fbfc7f4.jpg
 photo IMG_1101_zpsf759a27d.jpg
 photo IMG_5778_zps710cdb44.jpeg
The day ended with the birthday boy going to bed three hours early.  He was OUT!
 photo IMG_1158_zps7d06c1be.jpg
Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our little one's first birthday. And also thank you to everyone who remembered him with a phone call, text, and cards. We love you!


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